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Fırat Tıp Dergisi
2018, Cilt 23, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 137-141
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Cannulated Screw Fixation for Femoral Neck Fractures in Pediatric Patients: A Clinical and Radiological Study
Onur KOCADAL1, Murad PEPE2, Hakan YOLAÇAN2, Abdurrahman SAKAOĞULLARI2, Cem Nuri AKTEKİN2
1Yeditepe Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Anabilim Dalı, İstanbul, Türkiye
2Ankara Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Kliniği, Ankara, Türkiye

Objective: Femoral neck fractures are relatively uncommon in pediatric patients. In this study, we evaluated the clinical and radiological results of pediatric patients who underwent surgical treatment for femoral neck fractures.

Material and Method:Seven patients (4 girls, 3 boys) who were operated between August 2013 and September 2016 due to femur neck fracture were evaluated retrospectively. The demographic data of the patients, the mechanism of injury, associated injuries, and complications in patients with follow-up periods were recorded. Functional and radiographic evaluations were performed using Ratliff criteria.

Results: The mean age of the patients was 10.7±4.1 years and the mean follow-up time was 15.1±12.9 months. According to Delbet classification, type 2 fractures were present in 4 cases and type 3 fractures were present in 3 cases. According to the Ratliff criteria, good results were obtained in five cases, fair result in one case, and poor results in one case. Complications in a total of three cases, including avascular necrosis in one patient, coxa vara in one patient and wide scar tissue in another patient.

Conclusion: Femur neck fractures in pediatric patients are serious injuries with high complication rates and specific treatment principles. It is necessary for patients to be assessed rapidly and planned for treatment, the complications that may be encountered after treatment, and the treatment of these cmplications.

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